The bedroom isn’t just for comfy beds, nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes. Instead, what every bedroom needs is comfy and stylish seating, too. When placed in a corner or by the window, a lounge chair is just perfect, while Bedroom Stools and Benches look so stylish and comfy at the front of the bed. So where do designers and retailers go when they want to find the very best bedroom seating and furniture?




Well, these furnishings are only available at If you want to know more about us, well, you should know that we’re a furniture wholesaler that has the most incredible selection of Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency styles.


These are the designs that can be found in the most upscale hotel suites and luxury homes. If you want them for your next design, just come check us out. Here you’ll find cabinets, chests, dressers, buffets, dorm and studio furniture, bedroom stools and benches, side, dining, and occasional tables, chandeliers, floor and table lamps, pendants, sconces, and lampshades, hardware, decorative objects, wall art and so much more.


You should know, too, that we’ve been in the interior design industry for over 20 years and we’ve designed lots of best sellers. The fact is, we know what it takes to be a designer and we know that the work that you do involves quite a bit of stress.


Well, Worlds Away is here to help designers find what they need to get their design assignments finished perfectly. You see, we don’t follow the trends, what we love is the classics and we know that they never go out of style. When you shop at Worlds Away for your designs, you’ll find nothing but the most retro-chic furnishings that are perfect for every interior design, whether it’s a residence or business.


More importantly, we have the bedroom stools and benches that you need. That’s because we know that a bedroom that doesn’t have comfy and stylish seating isn’t a finished bedroom.


The way to complete a bedroom is with the addition of stylish stools and benches from Worlds Away. These designs are made from the finest materials including cerused oak, resin, and brass, and they feature plush velvet or linen cushions, which makes them perfect for chic hotel suites and bedrooms in upscale homes.


So if you’ve been looking in the furniture or department stores or if you’ve been searching with those other furniture wholesalers for wholesale seating, you know that they don’t have what you need. So why do you shop there?


What you should know is that Worlds Away is an online resource for designers. We have the bedroom stools and benches and the other fine furnishings that you’ve been looking for. There isn’t a reason for you to browse or shop anywhere else. So don’t. Instead, start shopping at Worlds Away and find the exquisite designs you need for your client’s homes and businesses now.


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