A new service has been launched which allows agents to show broadband capability, including download speeds, in any UK postcode.

Agents can add the rightsignal graphic to property listings free.

The service essentially shows a comparison chart with providers and costs of various packages rather than a simple EPC-style rating of broadband as it now is.

While free for agents to use, it does not pay them at the moment, so may not suit those who already partner with switching services or directly with utility providers.

Vendors in areas with poor broadband may also prefer such information not to be shown on their listings – some 33% of homes in the UK have connectivity issues.

However, rightsignal’s founders Martyn Gould and Paul Doyle – two tech professionals who are new to the property market – say they are keen to develop their product and take agents’ soundings on board.

Gould said: “We’ve had great feedback from our early designs and service and we’re keen to talk to agents and partners to understand how we can help more.”

Agents wanting to add the widget can visit the website, type in the property postcode and view the results. Simply copying and pasting in the API (similar to HTML) will result in the graphic appearing on the listing.



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